About Me

My name is Manjula Krishna. I finished my MBA (Post Graduation) Degree but instead of becoming a HR (my specialization), I became a housewife and enjoying this beautiful phase of mine for now.

I started this blog mainly to share what I love, which is sewing.

Manjula Krishna

On this website, I will share with you all the basic and advanced sewing tips along with different techniques of using the latest electric sewing machines, which are actually a time saver for the modern Indian women like you and me.

Being a mother to a beautiful daughter (5 year old), I mostly stitch her dresses by myself. It is not that I wanted to save money, but to feel the happiness of designing beautiful frocks and seeing her in those outfits.

I also try to sew my own dresses like tops, saree blouses and many more.

Though I am quite busy with my household chores most of the time, I try to fit in time to sew one or the other dress every day as it brings me joy.

Besides sewing, I also love to cook healthy recipes which you can find on my YouTube channel.

Anyways, thanks for taking time to visit my website!

Hope my sewing guides will be of some help for you. You can always contact me for suggestions or to provide feedback on how to improve the blog even better.

Enjoy your time on the site 🙂